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How a Cloud-Based Phone System Will Revolutionize Your Business This Year

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This year has seen a mixed bag regarding the state of work. Some companies are trickling back into the office, while others have fully embraced the remote life, many more are going hybrid. In fact, according to EY's Future Workplace index, over 60 percent of respondents have embraced a hybrid work schedule. 


No matter your work model, your business needs a phone system that can keep up. That's where cloud-based phone systems come in. They don't just keep up with your needs – they revolutionize your communication, and we'll show you how below.


Discover the Power of Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Cloud-based phone systems have a massive, positive impact on businesses of all shapes and sizes. Let's examine three fictional companies to understand why.


Fully Remote Marketing Agency

Big Blue Sky Marketing made the bold move to go fully remote in 2010. The freedom and flexibility were liberating. Employees could balance work and personal life more effectively, reducing stress and increasing job satisfaction. However, coordinating projects, maintaining clear communication, and ensuring client satisfaction became increasingly complex. Traditional phone systems struggled to keep up with their new, dynamic needs.


Here's how a cloud-based system turned the tide:

·        Unified Communication Platform: Cloud-based systems provide a central hub for calls, messages, and collaboration tools. Big Blue Sky Marketing found it easier to manage projects and communicate effectively with a unified platform.

·        Virtual Meetings and Conferencing: With the remote nature of their work, virtual meetings became crucial. Cloud-based systems offer seamless video conferencing, making team meetings and client presentations a breeze.

·        Scalability for Growth: As the company expands its remote team, a cloud-based phone system can easily scale to accommodate new users. This scalability ensured that communication remained smooth even during periods of growth.


Hybrid Outdoor Adventure Company 

Mudworks & Company, an outdoor adventure company, knew they needed a change. With staff split between the office and the great outdoors, traditional phone systems fell short. Managing reservations, coordinating activities, and keeping customers and staff in the loop required a far more flexible – and secure - communication system. 


Here's how a cloud-based phone system addressed their needs:

·        Mobile Accessibility: Employees in the great outdoors needed a system to go where they went. Cloud-based phones allowed staff to stay connected via mobile devices, ensuring reservations and activities were managed efficiently.

·        Secure Communication: Handling customer information requires robust security. Cloud-based systems offer encryption and secure channels, ensuring sensitive data remains protected even when staff is on the move.

·        Customizable Call Routing: With a mix of office and outdoor staff, Mudworks & Company needed calls directed to the right people. Cloud-based systems allowed them to set up customizable call routing, ensuring calls reached the appropriate staff members at the right time.


Local Bookstore & Coffee House

Crumpet's Teacakes, a cozy bookstore and coffee house, prided itself on its warm, inviting atmosphere. However, managing in-person operations came with its own set of communication challenges, especially during peak hours when staff needed to coordinate orders, handle customer questions, and manage inventory simultaneously.


Here's how a cloud-based phone system improved their communication:

·        Cost Savings: Traditional communication can cost quite a lot. Cloud-based systems leverage Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), reducing communication costs for this small, up-and-coming coffee house and bookstore. 

·        Inventory Management Integrations: Thanks to plug-and-play integrations on cloud-based phone systems, Crumpet's can provide accurate information to customers and manage stock levels effectively. So, when a customer calls about book availability or specific teacake flavors, staff can instantly check their inventory via the phone system.

·        Call Handling Flexibility: The staff members can easily route calls to available staff or set up an automated attendant to take care of basic questions or orders during busy hours. This helps them ensure that in-store and remote customers receive the assistance they need ASAP.


The Future is Here: Why Cloud-Based is the Way Forward

Now that we've seen cloud-based phone systems in action let's explore why they are the future of communication and how they can revolutionize your business this year.


1. Scalability and Flexibility

With a traditional phone system, this could mean a logistical nightmare of adding new lines and hardware and dealing with complicated setups. However, with a cloud-based phone system, scalability is a breeze. Need to add more users? It's a few clicks away. Scaling up or down becomes as simple as adjusting a slider. This flexibility makes it easy for your communications to evolve with you, effectively future proofing it.


2. Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency

Traditional phone systems often come with hefty setup and maintenance costs. Cloud-based solutions eliminate these expenses, allowing you to allocate your budget where it matters most. Plus, the efficiency gains from streamlined communication can't be overstated – saving time means saving money.


3. Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Teams that communicate well are teams that thrive. Cloud-based phones enhance collaboration by providing features like video conferencing, file sharing, and real-time updates. Whether your team is scattered across the city or working side by side, these tools bridge the gap, ensuring everyone is on the same page. This boost in communication translates to increased productivity and a more connected workforce.



Midwest Dial Tone: Your Partner in Cloud-Based Communication

The future of business communication is here, and it's cloud-based. Don't get left behind. Whether you're a local bookstore like Crumpets or a global marketing agency like Big Blue Sky, you can enjoy the advantages of these phone systems today when you partner with us. We can help you design a system that fits your needs and stands the test of time. See for yourself by shooting us a message or calling - we'd be happy to answer any of your questions!


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