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10 Incredible Benefits of VoIP in the Healthcare Space

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If you've been searching for a way to enhance communication, cut costs, and provide even better care for your residents, you're in for a treat. We're about to explore ten incredible benefits of adopting VoIP for healthcare, from saving pennies to saving lives. Join us, won't you?


1. Reduced Costs

VoIP can significantly reduce phone bills for nursing homes and elder care facilities. Since VoIP uses the internet for calls, long-distance charges are often reduced or even eliminated, leading to cost savings of between 30 and 50 percent. Using mobile apps (sometimes called softphones) that let you take your VoIP system "on the go" also saves you money, with one study saying they reduced cell phone and long-distance charges by over $1,700.


But wait, it gets better! With VoIP, you no longer need separate lines for your phones and internet. It all runs through the same connection, which can be a significant financial relief for larger care facilities or facilities with multiple locations.


And you'll be able to reinvest all those savings into your residents, staff, and facility, making the necessary improvements to keep everything in tip-top shape.


2. Clearer Day-to-Day Communication

Let's start with the most noticeable advantage – clearer communication. VoIP offers a superior audio quality compared to traditional phone systems. With the ability to transmit voice data over the internet, you can say goodbye to the static, dropped calls, and unclear conversations slowing you down. And you can say hello to smoother conversations and fewer misunderstandings, which are invaluable when you're discussing important healthcare information with coworkers or residents and their families.


3. Plug-and-Play Integrations

Unlike traditional systems, VoIP for healthcare can integrate with the software you use daily. Platforms like:

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR): VoIP works hand in hand with EMR systems, giving you instant access to patient records while on a call. No more hunting down files – it's all right there when needed.

  • Appointment Scheduling Software: With VoIP, you can tweak appointments in real-time during calls. It's easy to reschedule or book new appointments without missing a beat.

  • And more!

This means less paperwork and smoother coordination, making everything more organized. Plus, VoIP solutions like Midwest Dial Tone are HIPAA compliant, allowing you to share patient information without worrying about security. 


4. Better Accessibility Regardless of Location

In healthcare, you need your employees to be within easy reach no matter where they are. And VoIP provides this accessibility in spades.

  • For Caregivers: VoIP systems like Midwest Dial Tone have mobile apps that turn any internet-connected device into a secure office line. Now, your caregivers can respond promptly to resident needs and stay connected to their coworkers anywhere in the facility. 

  • For Medical Staff: Equipping your medical team with VoIP ensures they are always reachable – in the office, at home, or on the road. With features like find me/follow me and voicemail-to-email, important calls and messages can be responded to promptly. The result? Fewer delays in resident care lead to happier and healthier residents.

5. Faster Emergency Response Times

In healthcare, especially in elder care, every second counts during an emergency. With traditional phone systems, there could be delays in reaching the right personnel or finding the right location during emergencies. But with VoIP, the system can be configured to quickly route emergency calls to the appropriate departments or individuals, ensuring swift response times. 


Plus, VoIP systems often come equipped with features like caller location tracking and E911, allowing responders to pinpoint the exact source of the emergency call, which is crucial in high-stress situations.


6. Virtual Visits and Appointments

VoIP allows you – and your residents - to connect with doctors and specialists for remote consultations via video conferencing. This is especially helpful for residents with difficulty traveling to and from appointments. Doctors can review treatment plans, perform general physical examinations, prescribe medication, and more!


And it even makes it easier for families to visit! Through VoIP, a resident's loved ones can see them virtually when in-person ones are too difficult to manage. This increases a resident's sense of security, improves their quality of life, and reduces their anxiety levels. 


7. Centralized, User-Friendly Management

Managing the phone system becomes much easier with VoIP. Because most VoIP solutions run in the cloud, your administrators can make updates, add features, change call routes, and manage voicemail settings from a central online portal. No more fiddling with phones or calling your company to come out and help - you've got all the tools you need to do it yourself.


8. Fast & Easy Scalability

As your facility grows or adapts to changing needs, a VoIP system can too. Whether you're adding new extensions for additional staff or integrating new features your residents have been asking for, VoIP allows us to evolve our communication system alongside the changing needs of our healthcare facility.


9. Better Reliability via Redundancy & Failover

VoIP doesn't leave you hanging in case of an internet hiccup or power outage. It often comes with built-in redundancy and failover features, so if one connection fails, another kicks in to keep your communications up and running. That way, you're always reachable, even during unexpected circumstances.


10. Simple Setup & Maintenance

VoIP is like plugging in a computer, unlike traditional phone systems that might need complex wiring and professional installation. It's straightforward, fast, and doesn't require an advanced IT degree. In fact, with Midwest Dial Tone, your VoIP phone system can be up and running in less than 24 hours.


And maintenance is much easier, too. With traditional phone systems, you had to call a technician to fix it, interrupting your communications and costing you a pretty penny. With VoIP, any issues you encounter can be resolved remotely by your provider! Now you can spend more time caring for your residents instead of babying your phone system.


Enjoy VoIP for Healthcare as It Was Meant to Be with Midwest Dial Tone

With Midwest Dial Tone, the benefits of VoIP for healthcare extend beyond what is expected. From cost savings to virtual visits, from centralized management to failover features, we've got a tailor-made platform for healthcare facilities like yours. So, why wait? Leap into the future of healthcare communication with Midwest Dial Tone. Your residents, your staff, and your bottom line will thank you. Let's elevate elder care together!

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