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Does Your Business Need a Hosted Phone System? Everything You Need to Know

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Cloud phone systems have been described as “game changers ” by those who adopt them. A study cited by Forbes even found that companies that adopt advanced, localized communications see a 36 percent increase in customer satisfaction. Transforming business processes is easy and cheap with a hosted business phone system. Below, we will discuss the many benefits of using a hosted business phone system, including improving your bottom line.

What is a Hosted Business Phone System

A hosted business phone system is a telecommunications system that operates using the internet instead of traditional phone lines. Traditional phone lines have not improved much since their inception. The data they transmit is very limited, and all aspects of the system need to be connected via wires. These outdated systems often require a lot of bulky equipment stored on-site. This is especially true for businesses with many phone lines. Hosted business phone systems, however, utilize internet servers and the internet infrastructure to operate. That means that if your business is set up for internet usage (including a WIFI system), you can use a hosted phone system. These systems free up space in your office because the provider you work with will often house the servers at their chosen location instead of your office closet!

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Who Should Use a Hosted Phone System?

Everyone who wants an efficient and effective team that promotes positive customer experience needs a hosted phone system. Harvard Business Review wrote a study with CRM software leader Salesforce that found that 80 percent of employees have expressed the power of automation in helping them deepen relationships with customers.

Benefits of Hosted Business Phone Systems

There is a plethora of benefits to adding a hosted business phone system to your business. While we are just going to touch on a few, there are many more. From the features they offer to the functions they are capable of; hosted phone systems can make a world of difference to your company.

For Managers

Managers and business owners who use hosted phone systems enjoy the managerial portal. This portal is user-friendly and allows for complete control of the system. In fact, the portal manager has the option to set personalized menus and call rules, just to name a few.

For Employees

Your employees will love a hosted phone system as well. That’s because the system can help streamline the workday. Hosted phone systems can store information that allows employees to focus on the task at hand instead of researching needed information to make a phone call.

For Customers

Customer experience often improves when a business switches to a hosted phone system. Automation can help clients access the department they need without being bounced from employee to employee. Phone menus can be set up to answer frequently asked questions, including operation hours and other information.

Final Thoughts

Our final tip, but the most important, there are hosted business phone providers out there that want to help you find the best system for your business. They are willing to work with you to figure out what features and functions are best for you and your business. Don’t be afraid to ask for demonstrations and clarifications. A good provider will be more than willing to take the time and make you feel comfortable with the system.

Boost Your Business with MidWest Dial Tone

The future of business automation begins with hosted phone systems. If you’re ready to switch to a hosted business phone system, then MidWest Dial Tone is your go-to source for support. Contact us today if you are prepared to take your business to the top and forge iron-strong relationships with customers.

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